7534. raq
Strong's Concordance
raq: thin, only, altogether, surely
Original Word: רַקּוֹת
Part of Speech: Adjective; adverb; feminine
Transliteration: raq
Phonetic Spelling: (rak)
Short Definition: only
רַק 1. adjective thin; — feminine plural רַקּוֺת, of kine, Genesis 41:19,20,27 ("" Genesis 41:3; Genesis 41:4 דַּקּוֺת). 2109

adverb with restrictive force, only, altogether, surely (synonym אַךְ); —

a. only, Genesis 14:24; Genesis 41:40 רַק הַכִּסֵּא אֶגְדַּל מִמֶּךָּ only as regards the throne, etc., Genesis 47:22 רַק אַדְמַת הַכֹּהֲנִים לֹא קָנָה, Genesis 50:8; Exodus 8:5 רַק בַּיְאֹר תִּשָּׁאַרְנָה, Exodus 10:17 וְיָסֵר מֵעָלַי רַק הַמָּוֶת הַזֶּה only this death, Deuteronomy 2:35 (compare Deuteronomy 20:14; Joshua 8:2,27), Joshua 3:11; Judges 6:39 (compare אַךְ ib. Genesis 18:32; Exodus 10:17), Exodus 11:34 (circumstantial clause) רַק הִיא יְחִידָה (there being) only she, an only one, 1 Samuel 1:13; Amos 3:2 רק אתכם ידעתי only you have I known, etc., Job 1:15,16,17,19 וָאִמָּֽלְטָה רַק אֲנִי לְבַדִּי I only, Psalm 91:8 #NAME?אַךְ, Numbers 12:2 ׳הֲרַק אַךְבְּֿמשֶׁה דִּבֶּר י. And separated (as sometimes in English) from the word actually emphasized, Proverbs 13:10 רִק בְּזָדוֺן יִתֵּן מַצָּה by pride there only cometh [נָתַן

1z] contention.

b. prefixed to sentences, to add a limitation on something previously expressed (or implied), Genesis 19:8 only to these men do nothing, Genesis 24:8 רִק אֶתבְּֿנִי לֹאתָֿהֵ֫נָּה, Exodus 8:24 I will let you go . . ., only go not far, Exodus 8:25; Numbers 20:19 only — it is nothing — let me pass through on my feet (compare Deuteronomy 2:28); especially in Deuteronomic writers, as Deuteronomy 10:15; Deuteronomy 12:15; Deuteronomy 20:16; 1 Kings 3:2,3(compare 2 Kings 12:4; 2 Kings 14:4; 2 Kings 15:4,35), 2 Kings 8:19; 2 Kings 11:13; 2 Kings 15:14,23; 2 Kings 3:2 (compare 2 Kings 14:3; 2 Kings 17:2), etc., Isaiah 4:1; emphasizing a command, Deuteronomy 4:9; Deuteronomy 12:16,23; Joshua 1:7,18; Joshua 6:18; Joshua 13:6; Joshua 22:5 (all D2).

c. emphasizing single words, especially adjectives, only = nought but, altogether, Genesis 6:5 יֵצֶר מַחְשְׁבוֺת לִבּוֺ רִק רִע is only evil, i.e. exclusively evil, nought but evil, Genesis 26:29 עָשִׂינוּ עִמְּךָ רִק טוֺב nothing but good, Deuteronomy 28:33 וְהָיִיתָ רִק עָשׁוּק, Isaiah 28:19 רִק זְוָעָה it shall be nought but terror to, etc., 1 Kings 14:8 (compare אַךְ 2b β); followed by an adverb Deuteronomy 28:13 וְהָיִיתָ רִק לְמַ֫עְלָה above only; followed by a verb, Judges 14:16 thou dost but hate me.

d. after a negative, save, except (synonym כִּי אִם 2a), 1 Kings 8:9 ( = 2 Chronicles 5:10) אֵין בָּאָרוֺן רִק שְׁנֵי לֻהוֺת הָאֲבָנִים, 2 Chron 15:5; 22:16 ( = 2 Chronicles 18:15), 2 Kings 17:18.

e. with an affirmative, asseverative force, only, altogether = surely, Genesis 20:11 רַק אֵין יִרְאַת אלהים במקום הזה, Deuteronomy 4:6 (so EV; but Ges populus mere sapiens, so Di), 1 Kings 21:25; 2Chronicles 28:10; Psalm 32:6 רִק לְשֶׁטֶף מים רבים אליו לא יַגִּ֑יעוּ.

f. רִק אִם (רִק prefixed for emphasis) if only, provided only, Deuteronomy 15:5 ׳רִק אִם שׁמוע תשׁמע וג, 1 Kings 8:25 ( = 2 Chronicles 6:16) רִק אִם ישׁמרו בניך דרכם ׳ללכת וג, 2 Kings 21:8 ( = 2 Chronicles 33:8).

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
emaciated, thin, lean

From raqaq in its original sense; emaciated (as if flattened out) -- lean((-fleshed)), thin.

see HEBREW raqaq

Forms and Transliterations
הָֽרַקּ֨וֹת הָרַקּ֖וֹת הרקות וְרַקּ֣וֹת ורקות hā·raq·qō·wṯ harakKot hāraqqōwṯ verakKot wə·raq·qō·wṯ wəraqqōwṯ
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Englishman's Concordance
Strong's Hebrew 7534
3 Occurrences

hā·raq·qō·wṯ — 2 Occ.
wə·raq·qō·wṯ — 1 Occ.

Genesis 41:19
HEB: תֹּ֛אַר מְאֹ֖ד וְרַקּ֣וֹת בָּשָׂ֑ר לֹֽא־
NAS: ugly and gaunt, such
INT: favoured and very thin I had never

Genesis 41:20
HEB: וַתֹּאכַ֙לְנָה֙ הַפָּר֔וֹת הָרַקּ֖וֹת וְהָרָע֑וֹת אֵ֣ת
NAS: and the lean and ugly cows
KJV: And the lean and the ill favoured kine
INT: ate cows and the lean and ugly seven

Genesis 41:27
HEB: וְשֶׁ֣בַע הַ֠פָּרוֹת הָֽרַקּ֨וֹת וְהָרָעֹ֜ת הָעֹלֹ֣ת
NAS: The seven lean and ugly cows
KJV: And the seven thin and ill favoured
INT: the seven cows lean and ugly came

3 Occurrences

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