Berothai and surrounding region

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2 Samuel 8:8 From Betah and from Berothai, cities of Hadadezer, king David took exceeding much brass.

be-ro'-tha (Ezekiel 47:16: berothah; Septuagint Codex Vaticanus, Abthera; or BEROTHAH 2Sa 8:8; berothai, where for mibberothai Septuagint reads ek ton eklekton poleon, "from the select cities"): Probably two forms of the same name. Ezekiel 47:16 places it on the ideal northern frontier of Israel, between Damascus and Hamath. According to 2 Samuel 8:8 it was a city of Hadadezer, king of Zobah. In the parallel passage (1 Chronicles 18:8) Cun is given in place of Berothai. Its site is unknown. Ewald connected it with Beirut (so also apparently H. P. Smith, ICC, "Samuel," 307), but Ezekiel's description excludes this view. Others have sought it in the Wady Brissa, in the East slope of Lebanon, North of Baalbec. A more plausible conjecture identifies it with Bereitan (Brithen), a village somewhat South of Baalbec (Baedeker, Pal3, 369). Possibly, however, the ideal northern frontier line should be drawn farther south. See HETHLON; ZEDAD; ZOBAH.

C. H. Thomson

Strong's Hebrew
H1307a: Berothay

a city in Aram (Syria)

Berothah (Berothai)
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