795. astocheó
Strong's Concordance
astocheó: to miss the mark
Original Word: ἀστοχέω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: astocheó
Phonetic Spelling: (as-tokh-eh'-o)
Short Definition: I miss the mark, miss my aim, make a false aim
Definition: I miss the mark, miss my aim, make a false aim, fail.
HELPS Word-studies

795 astoxéō (from 1 /A "not" and stoxos, "a target") – properly, off-target (without aim); figuratively, out of line; out of step (cadence) with God.

795 /astoxéō ("swerve out of line") refers to missing God's preferred-will (2307 /thélēma), i.e. deviating from "God's target (line)" by walking "off line." 795 (astoxéō) emphasizes the divine disapproval that goes with walking "off (God's) line."

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 795: ἀστοχέω

ἀστοχέω, ἀστόχω: 1 aorist ἠστόχησα; (to be ἄστοχος, from στόχος a mark), to deviate from, miss (the mark): with the genitive (Winer's Grammar, § 30, 6), to deviate from anything, 1 Timothy 1:6 (Sir. 7:19 Sir. 8:9); περί τί, 1 Timothy 6:21; 2 Timothy 2:18. (Polybius, Plutarch, Lucian, (others).)

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
err, swerve.

From a compound of a (as a negative particle) and stoichos (an aim); to miss the mark, i.e. (figuratively) deviate from truth -- err, swerve.

see GREEK a

Forms and Transliterations
αστοχησαντες αστοχήσαντες ἀστοχήσαντες αστράγαλος αστραγάλους ηστοχησαν ηστόχησαν ἠστόχησαν astochesantes astochēsantes astochḗsantes estochesan estóchesan ēstochēsan ēstóchēsan
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Englishman's Concordance
Strong's Greek 795
3 Occurrences

ἀστοχήσαντες — 1 Occ.
ἠστόχησαν — 2 Occ.

1 Timothy 1:6 V-APA-NMP
GRK: ὧν τινὲς ἀστοχήσαντες ἐξετράπησαν εἰς
NAS: For some men, straying from these things,
KJV: some having swerved have turned aside
INT: from which some having missed the mark turned aside to

1 Timothy 6:21 V-AIA-3P
GRK: τὴν πίστιν ἠστόχησαν Ἡ χάρις
NAS: have professed and thus gone astray from the faith.
KJV: professing have erred concerning
INT: the faith missed the mark Grace [be]

2 Timothy 2:18 V-AIA-3P
GRK: τὴν ἀλήθειαν ἠστόχησαν λέγοντες τὴν
NAS: [men] who have gone astray from the truth
KJV: the truth have erred, saying
INT: the truth missed the mark asserting the

3 Occurrences

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