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taḥ·mə·lū — 2 Occurrences

Jeremiah 50:14
HEB: אֵלֶ֔יהָ אַֽל־ תַּחְמְל֖וּ אֶל־ חֵ֑ץ
NAS: Shoot at her, do not be sparing with [your] arrows,
KJV: shoot at her, spare no arrows:
INT: about nay be sparing with arrows

Jeremiah 51:3
HEB: בְּסִרְיֹנ֑וֹ וְאַֽל־ תַּחְמְלוּ֙ אֶל־ בַּ֣חֻרֶ֔יהָ
NAS: up in his scale-armor; So do not spare her young men;
KJV: in his brigandine: and spare ye not her young men;
INT: his scale-armor Nor spare Nor her young

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