Taberah (Hazeroth)

Taberah (Hazeroth) and surrounding region

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Numbers 11:3 The name of that place was called Taberah, because Yahweh's fire burnt among them.

Numbers 11:5 We remember the fish, which we ate in Egypt for nothing; the cucumbers, and the melons, and the leeks, and the onions, and the garlic;

Numbers 11:18 "Say to the people,'Sanctify yourselves against tomorrow, and you will eat flesh; for you have wept in the ears of Yahweh, saying, "Who will give us flesh to eat? For it was well with us in Egypt." Therefore Yahweh will give you flesh, and you will eat.

Numbers 11:20 but a whole month, until it come out at your nostrils, and it is loathsome to you; because that you have rejected Yahweh who is among you, and have wept before him, saying, "Why did we come out of Egypt?"'"

Deuteronomy 9:22 At Taberah, and at Massah, and at Kibroth Hattaavah, you provoked Yahweh to wrath.


tab'-e-ra, ta-be'-ra (tabh`erah, "burning"): A wilderness camp of the Israelites, the site of which is unidentified. Here, it is recorded, the people complained against Yahweh, who destroyed many of them by fire. This is the origin of the name (Numbers 11:3 Deuteronomy 9:22).

TAB'ERAH, see Kibroth-hattaavah, it was either, the same station, or the one one preceeding. Numb. 11:1-3, Deut. 9:22.
Strong's Hebrew
H8404: Taberah

"burning," a place in the desert

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