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way·yiṯ·’ap·paq — 2 Occurrences

Genesis 43:31
HEB: פָּנָ֖יו וַיֵּצֵ֑א וַיִּ֨תְאַפַּ֔ק וַיֹּ֖אמֶר שִׂ֥ימוּ
NAS: and came out; and he controlled himself and said,
KJV: and went out, and refrained himself, and said,
INT: his face and came controlled and said Serve

Esther 5:10
HEB: וַיִּתְאַפַּ֣ק הָמָ֔ן וַיָּב֖וֹא
NAS: Haman controlled himself, however, went
KJV: Nevertheless Haman refrained himself: and when he came
INT: controlled Haman went

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