3658. kinnor
Strong's Concordance
kinnor: a lyre
Original Word: כִּנּוֹר
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: kinnor
Phonetic Spelling: (kin-nore')
Short Definition: lyre
כִּנּוֺר noun masculinePsalm 81:3 lyre (on formation compare LagBN 89, Anm.; Late Hebrew id.; Aramaic כִּנָּרָא, ; Mandean כינאר(אׅM § 104 (who questions Shemitic origin); Arabic , ; as loan-word in Hellen. Greek κινύρα (ᵐ5 and Joseph.); in Egyptian kn-an-aul according to Bondi79) — absolute ׳כ Genesis 4:21 +; suffix כִּנֹּרִי Job 30:31; plural כִּנֹּרוֺת 1 Kings 10:12 +; suffix כִּנּוֺרַיִךְ Ezekiel 26:13, כִּנֹּרוֺתֵינוּ Psalm 137:2; — lyre, stringed instrument used for popular as well as sacred music (compare BenzArchaeology 273 ff. NowArchaeology i. 273 ff.); — ׳יְעוּגָבכ Genesis 4:21, ׳בְּתֹף וּבְכ Genesis 31:27; ׳אִישׁ יֹדֵעַ מְנַגֵּן בַּכּ 1 Samuel 16:16 a man skilled in playing on the lyre, compare 1 Samuel 16:23 (וִנִגֵּן בְּיָדוֺׅ); at banquets Isaiah 5:12 (+ נֶבֶל, תֹּף, חָלִיל), token of merriment Isaiah 24:8 (+ תֻּמִּים), Ezekiel 26:13, compare וַיְהִי לְאֵבֶל כִּנֹּרִ֑י וְעֻגָבִי לְקוֺל בֹּכִים Job 30:31, וְיִשְׂמְחוּ לְקוֺל עוּגָב ׳יִשְׂאוּ כְתֹף וְכ Job 21:12; carried by a loose woman Isaiah 23:16 (figurative of Tyre); in simile Isaiah 16:11 (of murmuring sound of bowels = heart, in pity); used also in praising ׳י, usually As accompaniment of song (compare 1 Chronicles 15:16) ׳נֵבֶל וְתֹף וְחָלִיל וְכ 1 Samuel 10:5; Isaiah 30:32 ("" תֻּמִּים); especially before the ark 2 Samuel 6:5 (+ נְבָלִים, תֻּמִּים, etc.) "" 1 Chronicles 13:8, and in sanctuary (usually + נֵבֶל, etc.) 1 Kings 10:12, but especially Chronicles, Psalms: — 1 Chronicles 13:8 (plural, and so chiefly in Chronicles), 1 Chronicles 15:16,21,28; 1 Chronicles 16:5; 1 Chronicles 25:1,3,6; 2Chron 5:12; 9:11; 20:28; 29:25; Nehemiah 12:27; Psalm 33:2 (singular, and so chiefly in Psalms), Psalm 43:4; Psalm 49:5; Psalm 57:9; Psalm 71:22; Psalm 81:3; Psalm 92:4; Psalm 98:5 (twice in verse); Psalm 108:3; Psalm 147:7; Psalm 149:3; Psalm 150:3; compare כִּנֹּרוֺתֵינוּ Psalm 137:2. — Vbs. used with ׳כ are: — תָּפַשׂ Genesis 4:21, נִגֵּן בְּ 1 Samuel 16:16, מְשַׂחֵק בְּ 2 Samuel 6:5 = 1 Chronicles 13:8, מְשֹׁרֲרִים בּ 1 Chronicles 15:16, מַשְׁמִיעִים בְּ 1 Chronicles 15:28, נִבָּא בְּ 1 Chronicles 25:1,3, הוֺדָה בְּ Psalm 33:2; Psalm 43:4, זמּר בְּ Psalm 71:22; Psalm 98:5; Psalm 147:7; Psalm 149:3, הַלֲלוּהוּ בְּ Psalm 150:3. — On ancient lyres see references in DrAmos, p. 236 f.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
a harp:

From a unused root meaning to twang; a harp:

Forms and Transliterations
בְּ֝כִנּ֗וֹר בְּכִנֹּר֥וֹת בְּכִנּ֑וֹר בְּכִנּֽוֹר׃ בְכִנּ֑וֹר בְכִנּ֗וֹר בְכִנּֽוֹר׃ בַּכִּנּ֑וֹר בַּכִּנּ֔וֹר בכנור בכנור׃ בכנרות הַכִּנּ֖וֹר הכנור וְ֝כִנּ֗וֹר וְכִנֹּר֔וֹת וְכִנֹּר֖וֹת וְכִנֹּר֥וֹת וְכִנֹּרֽוֹת׃ וְכִנּ֑וֹר וְכִנּ֔וֹר וְכִנּ֗וֹר וְכִנּֽוֹר׃ וּבְכִנֹּר֑וֹת וּבְכִנֹּר֔וֹת וּבְכִנֹּר֖וֹת וּבְכִנֹּר֤וֹת וּבְכִנֹּרֽוֹת׃ וּבְכִנֹּרוֹת֙ וּבְכִנּֽוֹר׃ ובכנור׃ ובכנרות ובכנרות׃ וכנור וכנור׃ וכנרות וכנרות׃ כִּנֹּרִ֑י כִּנֹּרוֹתֵֽינוּ׃ כִּנּ֖וֹר כִּנּֽוֹר׃ כִּנּוֹרַ֔יִךְ כִנּ֛וֹר כִנּ֜וֹר כַּכִּנּ֖וֹר ככנור כנור כנור׃ כנוריך כנרותינו׃ כנרי bak·kin·nō·wr bakkinNor bakkinnōwr bə·ḵin·nō·rō·wṯ bə·ḵin·nō·wr ḇə·ḵin·nō·wr bechinNor bechinnoRot bəḵinnōrōwṯ bəḵinnōwr ḇəḵinnōwr chinNor hak·kin·nō·wr hakkinNor hakkinnōwr kak·kin·nō·wr kakkinNor kakkinnōwr kin·nō·rî kin·nō·rō·w·ṯê·nū kin·nō·w·ra·yiḵ kin·nō·wr ḵin·nō·wr kinNor kinnoRayich kinnoRi kinnōrî kinnoroTeinu kinnōrōwṯênū kinnōwr ḵinnōwr kinnōwrayiḵ ū·ḇə·ḵin·nō·rō·wṯ ū·ḇə·ḵin·nō·wr ūḇəḵinnōrōwṯ ūḇəḵinnōwr uvechinNor uvechinnoRot vechinNor vechinnoRot wə·ḵin·nō·rō·wṯ wə·ḵin·nō·wr wəḵinnōrōwṯ wəḵinnōwr
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Englishman's Concordance
Strong's Hebrew 3658
42 Occurrences

bak·kin·nō·wr — 2 Occ.
bə·ḵin·nō·wr — 5 Occ.
bə·ḵin·nō·rō·wṯ — 2 Occ.
ḵin·nō·wr — 2 Occ.
hak·kin·nō·wr — 1 Occ.
kak·kin·nō·wr — 1 Occ.
kin·nō·wr — 3 Occ.
kin·nō·w·ra·yiḵ — 1 Occ.
kin·nō·rî — 1 Occ.
kin·nō·rō·w·ṯê·nū — 1 Occ.
ū·ḇə·ḵin·nō·wr — 1 Occ.
ū·ḇə·ḵin·nō·rō·wṯ — 7 Occ.
wə·ḵin·nō·wr — 9 Occ.
wə·ḵin·nō·rō·wṯ — 6 Occ.

Genesis 4:21
HEB: כָּל־ תֹּפֵ֥שׂ כִּנּ֖וֹר וְעוּגָֽב׃
NAS: those who play the lyre and pipe.
KJV: of all such as handle the harp and organ.
INT: of all play the lyre and pipe

Genesis 31:27
HEB: וּבְשִׁרִ֖ים בְּתֹ֥ף וּבְכִנּֽוֹר׃
NAS: with timbrel and with lyre;
KJV: with tabret, and with harp?
INT: songs timbrel lyre

1 Samuel 10:5
HEB: וְתֹף֙ וְחָלִ֣יל וְכִנּ֔וֹר וְהֵ֖מָּה מִֽתְנַבְּאִֽים׃
NAS: flute, and a lyre before
KJV: and a pipe, and a harp, before
INT: tambourine flute lyre and they will be prophesying

1 Samuel 16:16
HEB: יֹדֵ֖עַ מְנַגֵּ֣ן בַּכִּנּ֑וֹר וְהָיָ֗ה בִּֽהְי֨וֹת
NAS: player on the harp; and it shall come
KJV: player on an harp: and it shall come to pass, when the evil
INT: skillful player the harp shall come shall come

1 Samuel 16:23
HEB: דָּוִ֛ד אֶת־ הַכִּנּ֖וֹר וְנִגֵּ֣ן בְּיָד֑וֹ
NAS: would take the harp and play
KJV: took an harp, and played
INT: take David the harp and play his hand

2 Samuel 6:5
HEB: עֲצֵ֣י בְרוֹשִׁ֑ים וּבְכִנֹּר֤וֹת וּבִנְבָלִים֙ וּבְתֻפִּ֔ים
NAS: wood, and with lyres, harps,
KJV: wood, even on harps, and on psalteries,
INT: wood fir lyres harps tambourines

1 Kings 10:12
HEB: וּלְבֵ֣ית הַמֶּ֔לֶךְ וְכִנֹּר֥וֹת וּנְבָלִ֖ים לַשָּׁרִ֑ים
NAS: house, also lyres and harps
KJV: house, harps also and psalteries
INT: house the king's lyres and harps the singers

1 Chronicles 13:8
HEB: עֹ֑ז וּבְשִׁירִ֤ים וּבְכִנֹּרוֹת֙ וּבִנְבָלִ֣ים וּבְתֻפִּ֔ים
NAS: even with songs and with lyres, harps,
KJV: and with singing, and with harps, and with psalteries,
INT: might songs lyres harps tambourines

1 Chronicles 15:16
HEB: שִׁ֛יר נְבָלִ֥ים וְכִנֹּר֖וֹת וּמְצִלְתָּ֑יִם מַשְׁמִיעִ֥ים
NAS: harps, lyres, loud-sounding
KJV: psalteries and harps and cymbals,
INT: of music harps lyres cymbals loud-sounding

1 Chronicles 15:21
HEB: וִֽיעִיאֵ֖ל וַעֲזַזְיָ֑הוּ בְּכִנֹּר֥וֹת עַל־ הַשְּׁמִינִ֖ית
NAS: to lead with lyres tuned to the sheminith.
KJV: and Azaziah, with harps on the Sheminith
INT: and Jeiel and Azaziah lyres on the Sheminith

1 Chronicles 15:28
HEB: מַשְׁמִעִ֕ים בִּנְבָלִ֖ים וְכִנֹּרֽוֹת׃
NAS: cymbals, with harps and lyres.
KJV: with psalteries and harps.
INT: loud-sounding harps and lyres

1 Chronicles 16:5
HEB: בִּכְלֵ֤י נְבָלִים֙ וּבְכִנֹּר֔וֹת וְאָסָ֖ף בַּֽמְצִלְתַּ֥יִם
NAS: harps, lyres; also Asaph
KJV: with psalteries and with harps; but Asaph
INT: instruments harps lyres Asaph cymbals

1 Chronicles 25:1
HEB: (הַֽנִּבְּאִ֛ים ק) בְּכִנֹּר֥וֹת בִּנְבָלִ֖ים וּבִמְצִלְתָּ֑יִם
NAS: who [were] to prophesy with lyres, harps
KJV: who should prophesy with harps, with psalteries,
INT: Jeduthun prophecy lyres harps and cymbals

1 Chronicles 25:3
HEB: אֲבִיהֶ֤ם יְדוּתוּן֙ בַּכִּנּ֔וֹר הַנִּבָּ֕א עַל־
NAS: Jeduthun with the harp, who prophesied
KJV: who prophesied with a harp, to give thanks
INT: of their father Jeduthun the harp prophesied under

1 Chronicles 25:6
HEB: בִּמְצִלְתַּ֙יִם֙ נְבָלִ֣ים וְכִנֹּר֔וֹת לַעֲבֹדַ֖ת בֵּ֣ית
NAS: harps and lyres, for the service
KJV: psalteries, and harps, for the service
INT: cymbals harps and lyres the service of the house

2 Chronicles 5:12
HEB: בִּמְצִלְתַּ֙יִם֙ וּבִנְבָלִ֣ים וְכִנֹּר֔וֹת עֹמְדִ֖ים מִזְרָ֣ח
NAS: harps and lyres, standing
KJV: and psalteries and harps, stood
INT: cymbals harps and lyres standing east

2 Chronicles 9:11
HEB: וּלְבֵ֣ית הַמֶּ֔לֶךְ וְכִנֹּר֥וֹת וּנְבָלִ֖ים לַשָּׁרִ֑ים
NAS: palace, and lyres and harps
KJV: palace, and harps and psalteries
INT: palace the king's and lyres and harps the singers

2 Chronicles 20:28
HEB: יְר֣וּשָׁלִַ֔ם בִּנְבָלִ֥ים וּבְכִנֹּר֖וֹת וּבַחֲצֹצְר֑וֹת אֶל־
NAS: with harps, lyres and trumpets
KJV: with psalteries and harps and trumpets
INT: to Jerusalem harps lyres and trumpets to

2 Chronicles 29:25
HEB: בִּמְצִלְתַּ֙יִם֙ בִּנְבָלִ֣ים וּבְכִנֹּר֔וֹת בְּמִצְוַ֥ת דָּוִ֛יד
NAS: with harps and with lyres, according to the command
KJV: with psalteries, and with harps, according to the commandment
INT: cymbals harps lyres to the command of David

Nehemiah 12:27
HEB: מְצִלְתַּ֖יִם נְבָלִ֥ים וּבְכִנֹּרֽוֹת׃
NAS: harps and lyres.
KJV: psalteries, and with harps.
INT: cymbals harps and lyres

Job 21:12
HEB: יִ֭שְׂאוּ כְּתֹ֣ף וְכִנּ֑וֹר וְ֝יִשְׂמְח֗וּ לְק֣וֹל
NAS: to the timbrel and harp And rejoice
KJV: the timbrel and harp, and rejoice
INT: sing to the timbrel and harp and rejoice the sound

Job 30:31
HEB: וַיְהִ֣י לְ֭אֵבֶל כִּנֹּרִ֑י וְ֝עֻגָבִ֗י לְק֣וֹל
NAS: Therefore my harp is turned
KJV: My harp also is [turned] to mourning,
INT: is turned to mourning my harp and my flute to the sound

Psalm 33:2
HEB: הוֹד֣וּ לַיהוָ֣ה בְּכִנּ֑וֹר בְּנֵ֥בֶל עָ֝שׂ֗וֹר
NAS: to the LORD with the lyre; Sing praises
KJV: the LORD with harp: sing
INT: Give to the LORD the lyre A harp of ten

Psalm 43:4
HEB: גִּ֫ילִ֥י וְאוֹדְךָ֥ בְכִנּ֗וֹר אֱלֹהִ֥ים אֱלֹהָֽי׃
NAS: my exceeding joy; And upon the lyre I shall praise
KJV: joy: yea, upon the harp will I praise
INT: joy shall praise the lyre God my God

Psalm 49:4
HEB: אָזְנִ֑י אֶפְתַּ֥ח בְּ֝כִנּ֗וֹר חִידָתִֽי׃
NAS: I will express my riddle on the harp.
KJV: my dark saying upon the harp.
INT: my ear will express the harp my riddle

42 Occurrences

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