5045. negeb
Strong's Concordance
negeb: south country, the Negeb, south
Original Word: נֶ֫גֶב
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: negeb
Phonetic Spelling: (neh'-gheb)
Short Definition: south
נֶ֫גֶב noun [masculine]] south-country, Negeb, south (compare LagBN 78); — ׳נ absolute Genesis 20:1 +; construct Joshua 11:2 +; נֶ֫גְבָּה Genesis 13:14 +; —

1 south-country, i.e.

a. specifically the region south of Judah, boundaries not exactly defined (see cities in it Joshua 15:21-32), but with from hills south of Hebron to Kadesh, ׳אֶרֶץ הַנּ Genesis 20:1 (E), Genesis 24:62 (J), Numbers 13:29 (JE), Judges 1:15; Joshua 15:19; almost = proper name ׳הַנּ, הַנֶּ֫גְבָּה, Genesis 12:9; Genesis 13:1; Numbers 13:17,22; Numbers 21:1 (all J), Deuteronomy 34:3 (JE), Deuteronomy 1:7; Joshua 10:40; Joshua 11:16; Joshua 12:8 (all D), Numbers 33:40; Joshua 15:21 (both P), Judges 1:9; 1 Samuel 20:41 (but read הָאַרְגָּב, i.e. the mound ᵐ5 (ἀργαβ) Th We Klo Dr Kit Bu HPS), Jeremiah 13:19; Jeremiah 17:26; Jeremiah 32:44; Jeremiah 33:13; Zechariah 7:7; Obadiah 20; Psalm 126:4 (simile), Ezekiel 21:3a (= Judah); ׳נ (no article) Genesis 13:3 (J), 1 Samuel 30:1; Isaiah 30:6 (compare Di); of particular districts in the Negeb: עֲרָד ׳נ Judges 1:16 (compare GFM), יהוּדָה ׳נ etc. 1 Samuel 27:10 (3 t. in verse) (compare Dr), 1 Samuel 30:14 (twice in verse); 2 Samuel 24:7; 2Chronicles 28:18; see also Zechariah 14:10; ׳רָמַת נ Joshua 19:8, ׳רָמוֺת נ 1 Samuel 30:27; collective with plural verb = people of south-land Obadiah 19..

b. land south of Babylon Isaiah 21:1 (compare Di).

c. = Egypt Daniel 11:5,6,9,14,15,25 (twice in verse); Daniel 11:29,40 (see Meinh Bev Behrm, compare Daniel 11:43).

2 hence south (opposed to north, east, west) Genesis 13:14; Genesis 28:14 (both J), Joshua 17:10 (P), 1 Kings 7:25 2Chronicles 4:4; 1 Chronicles 9:24; 1 Chronicles 26:15,17 (compare 1 Chronicles 26:14; 1 Chronicles 26:16; 1 Chronicles 26:18), Ezekiel 21:3b; Ezekiel 21:9; Daniel 8:4,9, further 1 Kings 7:39; Zechariah 14:4; מְּאַת נֶ֫גְבָּה תֵּימָ֫נָה Exodus 26:18, compare Exodus 27:9; Exodus 36:23; Exodus 38:9; Exodus 40:24 (of south side of tabernacle); ׳שַׁ֫עַר נ Ezekiel 46:9 (twice in verse); ׳מְּאַת נ south side or border Numbers 34:3; Numbers 35:5; Joshua 18:15 (all P), Ezekiel 47:19, cf Ezekiel 47:19; Ezekiel 48:16,28,33; ׳גְּבוּל נ south boundary Numbers 34:3; Joshua 15:2,4; Joshua 18:19 (all P), compare מִנֶּ֫גֶב לְ (הַגְּבוּל) on the south of Numbers 34:4 (twice in verse); Joshua 15:3 (לְ ׳אֶלמִֿנּ), Joshua 15:3; Joshua 15:7; Joshua 18:3 (all P), Judges 21:19; ׳מִנּ absolute on the south Joshua 18:5 (JE), Joshua 19:34 (P), 1 Samuel 14:5; Ezekiel 40:2; ׳כֶּ֫תֶף הַיְבוּסִי מִנּ Joshua 15:8, compare Joshua 18:13,16 (all P); נֶ֫גְבָּה Joshua 15:1,2; Joshua 18:14 (twice in verse); Joshua 18:19 (all P), 2 Chronicles 4:10; Ezekiel 21:2 (Co; HCT נגב) Ezekiel 48:10,17; נֶ֫גְבָּה לְ Joshua 17:9 (P). — For בִּנְּרוֺת ׳נ Joshua 11:2 read נֶגֶד (ᵐ5 Di).

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
south country, side,

From an unused root meaning to be parched; the south (from its drought); specifically, the Negeb or southern district of Judah, occasionally, Egypt (as south to Palestine) -- south (country, side, -ward).

Forms and Transliterations
בְּנֶ֣גֶב בַּנֶּ֑גְבָּה בַּנֶּ֔גֶב בַּנֶּ֖גֶב בַּנֶּ֙גֶב֙ בַּנֶּֽגֶב׃ בַנֶּ֑גֶב בַנֶּגֶב֮ בנגב בנגב׃ בנגבה הַנֶּ֑גֶב הַנֶּ֔גֶב הַנֶּ֖גֶב הַנֶּ֗גֶב הַנֶּ֙גֶב֙ הַנֶּ֛גֶב הַנֶּ֜גֶב הַנֶּ֥גֶב הַנֶּֽגְבָּה׃ הַנֶּֽגֶב׃ הַנֶּגֶב֮ הנגב הנגב׃ הנגבה׃ וְהַנֶּ֖גֶב וְהַנֶּ֥גֶב וְהַנֶּ֨גֶב וְהַנֶּגֶב֮ וְנֶ֕גְבָּה וְנֶ֖גְבָּה וָנֶ֑גְבָּה וָנֶ֖גְבָּה וָנֶ֗גְבָּה וָנֶֽגְבָּה׃ וּבַנֶּ֑גֶב וּבַנֶּ֖גֶב וּמִנֶּ֖גֶב ובנגב והנגב ומנגב ונגבה ונגבה׃ לַנֶּ֥גְבָּה לנגבה מִנֶּ֔גֶב מִנֶּ֖גֶב מִנֶּ֗גֶב מִנֶּ֜גֶב מִנֶּ֥גֶב מִנֶּֽגֶב׃ מנגב מנגב׃ נֶ֑גְבָּה נֶ֑גֶב נֶ֔גְבָּה נֶ֔גֶב נֶ֕גְבָּה נֶ֕גֶב נֶ֖גְבָּה נֶ֖גֶב נֶ֗גְבָּה נֶ֙גֶב֙ נֶ֛גֶב נֶ֣גְבָּה נֶ֣גֶב נֶ֤גֶב נֶ֥גְבָּה נֶ֥גֶב נֶ֧גֶב נֶֽגְבָּה׃ נֶֽגֶב־ נֶֽגֶב׃ נֶגְבָּה֒ נֶגֶב֩ נגב נגב־ נגב׃ נגבה נגבה׃ ban·ne·ḡeḇ ḇan·ne·ḡeḇ ban·neḡ·bāh banNegbah banneḡbāh banneḡeḇ ḇanneḡeḇ banNegev bə·ne·ḡeḇ bəneḡeḇ beNegev han·ne·ḡeḇ han·neḡ·bāh hanNegbah hanneḡbāh hanneḡeḇ hanNegev lan·neḡ·bāh lanNegbah lanneḡbāh min·ne·ḡeḇ minneḡeḇ minNegev ne·ḡeḇ ne·ḡeḇ- neḡ·bāh Negbah neḡbāh neḡeḇ neḡeḇ- negev ū·ḇan·ne·ḡeḇ ū·min·ne·ḡeḇ ūḇanneḡeḇ ūminneḡeḇ uminNegev uvanNegev vaNegbah vanneGev vehanNegev veNegbah wā·neḡ·bāh wāneḡbāh wə·han·ne·ḡeḇ wə·neḡ·bāh wəhanneḡeḇ wəneḡbāh
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Englishman's Concordance
Strong's Hebrew 5045
111 Occurrences

ban·neḡ·bāh — 1 Occ.
ban·ne·ḡeḇ — 4 Occ.
bə·ne·ḡeḇ — 1 Occ.
han·neḡ·bāh — 2 Occ.
han·ne·ḡeḇ — 26 Occ.
lan·neḡ·bāh — 1 Occ.
min·ne·ḡeḇ — 15 Occ.
neḡ·bāh — 19 Occ.
ne·ḡeḇ- — 27 Occ.
ū·min·ne·ḡeḇ — 1 Occ.
ū·ḇan·ne·ḡeḇ — 2 Occ.
wā·neḡ·bāh — 4 Occ.
ḇan·ne·ḡeḇ — 2 Occ.
wə·han·ne·ḡeḇ — 4 Occ.
wə·neḡ·bāh — 2 Occ.

Genesis 12:9
HEB: הָל֥וֹךְ וְנָס֖וֹעַ הַנֶּֽגְבָּה׃ פ
NAS: on, continuing toward the Negev.
KJV: going on still toward the south.
INT: on journeyed the Negev

Genesis 13:1
HEB: וְל֥וֹט עִמּ֖וֹ הַנֶּֽגְבָּה׃
NAS: up from Egypt to the Negev, he and his wife
KJV: and all that he had, and Lot with him, into the south.
INT: Lot with to the Negev

Genesis 13:3
HEB: וַיֵּ֙לֶךְ֙ לְמַסָּעָ֔יו מִנֶּ֖גֶב וְעַד־ בֵּֽית־
NAS: on his journeys from the Negev as far
KJV: on his journeys from the south even to Bethel,
INT: went his journeys the Negev far Bethel

Genesis 13:14
HEB: שָׁ֑ם צָפֹ֥נָה וָנֶ֖גְבָּה וָקֵ֥דְמָה וָיָֽמָּה׃
NAS: you are, northward and southward and eastward
KJV: where thou art northward, and southward, and eastward,
INT: in it are northward and southward and eastward and westward

Genesis 20:1
HEB: אַבְרָהָם֙ אַ֣רְצָה הַנֶּ֔גֶב וַיֵּ֥שֶׁב בֵּין־
NAS: toward the land of the Negev, and settled
KJV: journeyed from thence toward the south country,
INT: now Abraham the land of the Negev and settled between

Genesis 24:62
HEB: יוֹשֵׁ֖ב בְּאֶ֥רֶץ הַנֶּֽגֶב׃
NAS: for he was living in the Negev.
KJV: for he dwelt in the south country.
INT: was living country the Negev

Genesis 28:14
HEB: וָקֵ֖דְמָה וְצָפֹ֣נָה וָנֶ֑גְבָּה וְנִבְרֲכ֥וּ בְךָ֛
NAS: and to the north and to the south; and in you and in your descendants
KJV: and to the north, and to the south: and in thee and in thy seed
INT: the east the north the south be blessed shall all

Exodus 26:18
HEB: קֶ֔רֶשׁ לִפְאַ֖ת נֶ֥גְבָּה תֵימָֽנָה׃
KJV: boards on the south side
INT: boards side the south the south

Exodus 27:9
HEB: הַמִּשְׁכָּ֑ן לִפְאַ֣ת נֶֽגֶב־ תֵּ֠ימָנָה קְלָעִ֨ים
NAS: of the tabernacle. On the south side
KJV: of the tabernacle: for the south side
INT: of the tabernacle side the south southward hangings

Exodus 36:23
HEB: קְרָשִׁ֔ים לִפְאַ֖ת נֶ֥גֶב תֵּימָֽנָה׃
NAS: twenty boards for the south side;
KJV: boards for the south side
INT: boards side the south southward

Exodus 38:9
HEB: הֶחָצֵ֑ר לִפְאַ֣ת ׀ נֶ֣גֶב תֵּימָ֗נָה קַלְעֵ֤י
NAS: the court: for the south side
KJV: the court: on the south side
INT: the court side the south southward the hangings

Exodus 40:24
HEB: יֶ֥רֶךְ הַמִּשְׁכָּ֖ן נֶֽגְבָּה׃
NAS: the table, on the south side
KJV: of the tabernacle southward.
INT: side of the tabernacle the south

Numbers 13:17
HEB: עֲל֥וּ זֶה֙ בַּנֶּ֔גֶב וַעֲלִיתֶ֖ם אֶת־
NAS: up there into the Negev; then go
KJV: unto them, Get you up this [way] southward, and go up
INT: Go there the Negev go the hill

Numbers 13:22
HEB: וַיַּעֲל֣וּ בַנֶּגֶב֮ וַיָּבֹ֣א עַד־
NAS: When they had gone up into the Negev, they came
KJV: And they ascended by the south, and came
INT: had gone the Negev came against

Numbers 13:29
HEB: יוֹשֵׁ֖ב בְּאֶ֣רֶץ הַנֶּ֑גֶב וְ֠הַֽחִתִּי וְהַיְבוּסִ֤י
NAS: in the land of the Negev and the Hittites
KJV: in the land of the south: and the Hittites,
INT: is living the land of the Negev and the Hittites and the Jebusites

Numbers 21:1
HEB: עֲרָד֙ יֹשֵׁ֣ב הַנֶּ֔גֶב כִּ֚י בָּ֣א
NAS: who lived in the Negev, heard
KJV: which dwelt in the south, heard
INT: of Arad lived the Negev for was coming

Numbers 33:40
HEB: וְהֽוּא־ יֹשֵׁ֥ב בַּנֶּ֖גֶב בְּאֶ֣רֶץ כְּנָ֑עַן
NAS: lived in the Negev in the land
KJV: which dwelt in the south in the land
INT: who lived the Negev the land of Canaan

Numbers 34:3
HEB: לָכֶ֧ם פְּאַת־ נֶ֛גֶב מִמִּדְבַּר־ צִ֖ן
NAS: Your southern sector shall extend
KJV: Then your south quarter
INT: shall extend sector your southern the wilderness of Zin

Numbers 34:3
HEB: לָכֶם֙ גְּב֣וּל נֶ֔גֶב מִקְצֵ֥ה יָם־
NAS: of Edom, and your southern border
KJV: of Edom, and your south border
INT: shall extend border and your southern the end Sea

Numbers 34:4
HEB: לָכֶם֩ הַגְּב֨וּל מִנֶּ֜גֶב לְמַעֲלֵ֤ה עַקְרַבִּים֙
NAS: shall turn [direction] from the south to the ascent of Akrabbim
KJV: shall turn from the south to the ascent
INT: shall turn your border the south to the ascent and continue

Numbers 34:4
HEB: ק) תּֽוֹצְאֹתָ֔יו מִנֶּ֖גֶב לְקָדֵ֣שׁ בַּרְנֵ֑עַ
NAS: and its termination shall be to the south of Kadesh-barnea;
KJV: and the going forth thereof shall be from the south to Kadeshbarnea,
INT: become termination the south of Kadesh-barnea shall reach

Numbers 35:5
HEB: וְאֶת־ פְּאַת־ נֶגֶב֩ אַלְפַּ֨יִם בָּאַמָּ֜ה
NAS: cubits, and on the south side
KJV: cubits, and on the south side
INT: cubits side the south thousand cubits

Deuteronomy 1:7
HEB: בָהָ֛ר וּבַשְּׁפֵלָ֥ה וּבַנֶּ֖גֶב וּבְח֣וֹף הַיָּ֑ם
NAS: and in the lowland and in the Negev and by the seacoast,
KJV: and in the vale, and in the south, and by the sea
INT: country the lowland the Negev side the sea

Deuteronomy 34:3
HEB: וְאֶת־ הַנֶּ֗גֶב וְֽאֶת־ הַכִּכָּ֞ר
NAS: and the Negev and the plain
KJV: And the south, and the plain
INT: and the Negev and the plain the valley

Joshua 10:40
HEB: הָאָ֡רֶץ הָהָר֩ וְהַנֶּ֨גֶב וְהַשְּׁפֵלָ֜ה וְהָאֲשֵׁד֗וֹת
NAS: the hill country and the Negev and the lowland
KJV: of the hills, and of the south, and of the vale,
INT: the land the hill and the Negev and the lowland and the slopes

111 Occurrences

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