4503. minchah
Strong's Concordance
minchah: a gift, tribute, offering
Original Word: מִנְחָה
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Transliteration: minchah
Phonetic Spelling: (min-khaw')
Short Definition: offering
מִנְחָה153 noun feminine gift, tribute, offering (Late Hebrew id.; Phoenician מנחת; ᵑ7 מִנְחָתָא; on Arabic see above); — absolute ׳מ Genesis 4:3 81t.; construct מִנְחַת Leviticus 2:7 22t.; suffix מִנְחָתִי Genesis 33:10 3t.; + 41 t. suffixes singular; plural suffix מִנְחֹתֶיךָ Psalm 20:4; מִנְחֹתֵיבֶם Numbers 29:39; Amos 5:22; —

1 gift, present Genesis 32:14; Genesis 32:19; Genesis 32:21; Genesis 32:22 (E), Genesis 33:10; Genesis 43:11,15,25,26 (J), Judges 6:18; 1 Samuel 10:27; 1 Kings 10:25 2Chronicles 9:24; 2 Kings 8:8,9; 2 Kings 20:12 = Isaiah 39:1; Psalm 45:13; 2Chronicles 32:23.

2 tribute Judges 3:15,17,18 (twice in verse); 2 Samuel 8:2,6 = 1 Chronicles 18:2; 1 Chronicles 18:6, 1 Kings 5:1; 2 Kings 17:3,4; 2Chronicles 17:5,11; 26:8; Hosea 10:6; Psalm 72:10.

3 offering made to God, of any kind, whether grain or animals Genesis 4:3,4,5; Numbers 16:15 (J), 1 Samuel 2:17,29; 1 Samuel 26:19; Isaiah 1:13; Psalm 96:8; Zephaniah 3:10; + (probably) (לַ)עֲלוֺת הַ֫מִּנְחָה 1 Kings 18:29,36; 2 Kings 3:20 (Ehpraimitic source; usually regarded as = מִנְחַת עֶרֶב, but that much later usage). This General meaning possibly an also in following; זבח ומנחה 1 Samuel 2:29 (see 1 Samuel 2:29 b), 1 Samuel 3:14; Isaiah 19:21; עלה ומנחה Jeremiah 14:12; "" עולה Psalm 20:4; "" שֶׁלֶם Amos 5:22 (עֹלוֺת gloss, to explain אָרִיחַ); or these may shew early stage of discrimination.

4 grain offering (whether raw, roasted, ground to flour, or prepared as bread or cakes, see below. AV meat offering, misleading < RV meal-offering. GFMJudges 3:22 renders cereal oblation); — יָבִיאוּ אֶתהַֿמִּנְחָה בִּכְלִי טָהוֺר Isaiah 66:20 they bring the grain offering in clean vessels (restored Jews are brought as such an offering), compare מנחה טהורה Malachi 1:11; brought in hands Jeremiah 41:5 (late addition Co); received from hands Malachi 1:10; חִטִּים למנחה 1 Chronicles 21:23 wheat for grain offering; סֹלֶת 1 Chronicles 23:29, mixed with oil Ezekiel 46:14, baked Ezekiel 46:20; distinguished from other offerings 1 Kings 8:64 (twice in verse) = 2Chronicles 7:7; 2 Kings 16:13,15 (3 t. in verse); Isaiah 43:23; Isaiah 57:6; Isaiah 66:3; Jeremiah 17:26; Jeremiah 33:18; Jeremiah 41:5 (late editors Co), Ezekiel 42:13; Ezekiel 44:29; Ezekiel 45:15,17 (twice in verse); Ezekiel 45:25; Daniel 9:27; Psalm 40:7; used alone Nehemiah 13:5,9; Ezekiel 45:24; Ezekiel 46:5 (twice in verse); Ezekiel 46:7,11,14 (twice in verse); Ezekiel 46:15; Malachi 1:13; Malachi 2:12,13; Malachi 3:3,4; Judges 13:19,23 (R, GFMJud 322); (הָ) עֶרֶב מִנְחַת evening grain offering 2 Kings 16:15; Ezra 9:4,5; Daniel 9:21; Psalm 141:2; מִנְחַת הַתָּמִיד continual grain off. Nehemiah 10:34, compare Leviticus 6:13; Numbers 4:16 (all cases under

4 exilic or post-exilic).

5 grain-offering, always with this meaning in P, in classifications Exodus 30:9; Exodus 40:29; Leviticus 7:37; Leviticus 23:37; Numbers 18:9; Numbers 29:39; —

a. אָבִיב grain in the ear parched with fire, with oil and frankincense Leviticus 2:14,15.

b. סֹלֶת fine flour with oil and frankincense Leviticus 2:1; Leviticus 6:7; elsewhere בְּלוּלָה בַּשֶּׁמֶן mingled with oil Leviticus 14:10,21; Leviticus 23:13; Numbers 7:13 10t. Numbers 8:8; Numbers 15:4,6,9; Numbers 28:5 6t. Numbers 29:3,9,14, except sin offering of very poor where offered without oil and frankincense Leviticus 5:11-13.

c. סֹלֶת baked in an oven as חַלּוֺת perforated cakes, or רְקִיקִים flat cakes Leviticus 2:4; Leviticus 7:9; Numbers 6:15, על הַמַּחֲבַת on a flat pan Leviticus 2:5; Leviticus 6:14; Leviticus 7:9, or מַרְחֶשֶׁת frying pan Leviticus 2:7; Leviticus 7:9. All these always unleavened (מַצּוֺת) and mixed with oil and salt Leviticus 2:11-13.

d. at Pentecost to consecrate new bread, מִנְחָה חֲדָשָׁה new grain offering of two loaves of leavened bread Leviticus 23:16,17; Numbers 28:26

e. barley meal without oil or incense; מִנְחַת קְנָאֹת grain offering of jealousy, זִכָּרוֺן ׳מ Numbers 5:15,18,25. compare phrases מִנְחַת הַבֹּקֶר morning oblation Exodus 29:41; Numbers 28:8; ׳קָרְבַּן מ Leviticus 2:1,4,13; בִּכּוּרִים ׳מ Leviticus 2:14; מִּתִּים ׳מ Leviticus 6:14.

6 verbs of offering are הֵבִיא Genesis 4:3 (J), Leviticus 2:2,8 (P), Isaiah 1:13; Isaiah 66:20 (twice in verse); Jeremiah 17:26; Malachi 1:13; הִקְרִיב Leviticus 2:1,8,11; Leviticus 6:7; Numbers 5:25; עשׂה Numbers 6:17; Numbers 28:31; 1 Kings 8:64 2Chronicles 7:7; Ezekiel 45:24; Ezekiel 46:7,14,15; הקטיר 2 Kings 16:13,15; Jeremiah 33:18; העלה Isaiah 57:6; Isaiah 66:3; Jeremiah 14:12; הגישׁ Amos 5:25; Malachi 2:12; Malachi 3:3; הוביל Zephaniah 3:10; נשׂא Psalm 96:8, also (׳מ = tribute) 2 Samuel 8:2,6 and "".

מְנֻחָה see מְנוּחָה below נוח. מְנַחֵם see נחם.

מָנַ֫חַת, מְנֻחוֺת, מָנַחְתִּי see נוח.

מְנִי see מנה.

מִנְחָה noun feminine gift, offering (Biblical Hebrew id., √ מנח); —

1 oblation, to God's representative, absolute ׳מ Daniel 2:46.

2 techn. meal-offering, plural suffix מִנְחָֽתְהוֺן Ezra 7:17.

מִנְיָן see מנה. above

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
gift, oblation, meat offering, present, sacrifice

From an unused root meaning to apportion, i.e. Bestow; a donation; euphemistically, tribute; specifically a sacrificial offering (usually bloodless and voluntary) -- gift, oblation, (meat) offering, present, sacrifice.

Forms and Transliterations
בְּ֭מִנְחָה בְּמִנְחָ֔ה בַּמִּנְחָה֙ במנחה הַמִּנְחָ֑ה הַמִּנְחָ֔ה הַמִּנְחָ֖ה הַמִּנְחָ֗ה הַמִּנְחָ֛ה הַמִּנְחָ֣ה הַמִּנְחָ֥ה הַמִּנְחָ֨ה הַמִּנְחָֽה׃ הַמִּנְחָה֒ הַמִּנְחָה֙ המנחה המנחה׃ וְהַמִּנְחָה֙ וְהַמִּנְחָה֮ וְכַמִּנְחָ֖ה וּבְמִנְחַ֣ת וּבְמִנְחָ֖ה וּבְמִנְחָתִ֔י וּלְמִנְחֹ֣תֵיכֶ֔ם וּמִ֨נְחָתָ֔ם וּמִנְחַ֣ת וּמִנְחַ֥ת וּמִנְחָ֑ה וּמִנְחָ֔ה וּמִנְחָ֖ה וּמִנְחָ֗ה וּמִנְחָ֛ה וּמִנְחָ֜ה וּמִנְחָ֣ה וּמִנְחָ֤ה וּמִנְחָ֨ה ׀ וּמִנְחָה֙ וּמִנְחָה֩ וּמִנְחָת֔וֹ וּמִנְחָת֖וֹ וּמִנְחָת֥וֹ וּמִנְחָתָ֑ם וּמִנְחָתָ֔הּ וּמִנְחָתָ֔ם וּמִנְחָתָ֖הּ וּמִנְחָתָ֖ם וּמִנְחָתָ֗הּ וּמִנְחָתָ֣ם וּמִנְחָתָם֙ וּמִנְחָתוֹ֩ וּמִנְחֹתֵיכֶ֖ם ובמנחה ובמנחת ובמנחתי והמנחה וכמנחה ולמנחתיכם ומנחה ומנחת ומנחתה ומנחתו ומנחתיכם ומנחתם כְּמִנְחַ֨ת כַּמִּנְחָֽה׃ כמנחה׃ כמנחת לְמִנְחַ֥ת לְמִנְחָ֑ה לְמִנְחָ֖ה לְמִנְחָ֣ה לְמִנְחָֽה לְמִנְחָֽה׃ לְמִנְחָה֙ לַמִּנְחָ֔ה לַמִּנְחָ֖ה למנחה למנחה׃ למנחת מִ֝נְחָ֗ה מִנְחַ֣ת מִנְחַ֤ת מִנְחַ֥ת מִנְחַ֨ת מִנְחַת־ מִנְחָ֑ה מִנְחָ֔ה מִנְחָ֖ה מִנְחָ֗ה מִנְחָ֛ה מִנְחָ֣ה מִנְחָ֣ה ׀ מִנְחָ֤ה מִנְחָ֥ה מִנְחָֽה׃ מִנְחָה֙ מִנְחָת֔וֹ מִנְחָת֖וֹ מִנְחָת֗וֹ מִנְחָת֡וֹ מִנְחָתְךָ֮ מִנְחָתִ֔י מִנְחָתִ֖י מִנְחָתִֽי׃ מִנְחָתֶ֑ךָ מִנְחָתָ֑ם מִנְחָתָ֖הּ מִנְחָתָ֞ם מִנְחָתָ֣ם מִנְחָתֽוֹ׃ מִנְחֹתֶ֑ךָ מנחה מנחה׃ מנחת מנחת־ מנחתה מנחתו מנחתו׃ מנחתי מנחתי׃ מנחתך מנחתם bam·min·ḥāh bamminChah bamminḥāh bə·min·ḥāh Beminchah bəminḥāh ham·min·ḥāh hamminChah hamminḥāh kam·min·ḥāh kamminChah kamminḥāh kə·min·ḥaṯ keminChat kəminḥaṯ lam·min·ḥāh lamminChah lamminḥāh lə·min·ḥāh lə·min·ḥaṯ leminChah leminChat ləminḥāh ləminḥaṯ min·ḥā·ṯāh min·ḥā·ṯām min·ḥā·ṯe·ḵā min·ḥā·ṯə·ḵā min·ḥā·ṯî min·ḥā·ṯōw min·ḥāh min·ḥaṯ min·ḥaṯ- min·ḥō·ṯe·ḵā minChah minChat minchaTah minchaTam minchateCha minchaTi minchaTo minchoTecha minḥāh minḥaṯ minḥaṯ- minḥāṯāh minḥāṯām minḥāṯeḵā minḥāṯəḵā minḥāṯî minḥāṯōw minḥōṯeḵā ū·ḇə·min·ḥā·ṯî ū·ḇə·min·ḥāh ū·ḇə·min·ḥaṯ ū·lə·min·ḥō·ṯê·ḵem ū·min·ḥā·ṯāh ū·min·ḥā·ṯām ū·min·ḥā·ṯōw ū·min·ḥāh ū·min·ḥaṯ ū·min·ḥō·ṯê·ḵem ūḇəminḥāh ūḇəminḥaṯ ūḇəminḥāṯî uleminChoteiChem ūləminḥōṯêḵem uminChah uminChat uminchaTah uminchaTam uminchaTo uminchoteiChem ūminḥāh ūminḥaṯ ūminḥāṯāh ūminḥāṯām ūminḥāṯōw ūminḥōṯêḵem uveminChah uveminChat uveminchaTi vechamminChah vehamminChah wə·ham·min·ḥāh wə·ḵam·min·ḥāh wəhamminḥāh wəḵamminḥāh
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Englishman's Concordance
Strong's Hebrew 4503
211 Occurrences

bam·min·ḥāh — 1 Occ.
bə·min·ḥāh — 2 Occ.
ham·min·ḥāh — 39 Occ.
kam·min·ḥāh — 1 Occ.
kə·min·ḥaṯ — 2 Occ.
lam·min·ḥāh — 2 Occ.
lə·min·ḥāh — 17 Occ.
lə·min·ḥaṯ — 1 Occ.
min·ḥāh — 54 Occ.
min·ḥaṯ — 17 Occ.
min·ḥā·ṯāh — 4 Occ.
min·ḥā·ṯām — 4 Occ.
min·ḥā·ṯə·ḵā — 2 Occ.
min·ḥā·ṯî — 3 Occ.
min·ḥā·ṯōw — 7 Occ.
min·ḥō·ṯe·ḵā — 1 Occ.
ū·lə·min·ḥō·ṯê·ḵem — 1 Occ.
ū·min·ḥāh — 19 Occ.
ū·min·ḥaṯ — 2 Occ.
ū·min·ḥā·ṯāh — 7 Occ.
ū·min·ḥā·ṯām — 14 Occ.
ū·min·ḥā·ṯōw — 4 Occ.
ū·min·ḥō·ṯê·ḵem — 1 Occ.
ū·ḇə·min·ḥāh — 1 Occ.
ū·ḇə·min·ḥaṯ — 1 Occ.
ū·ḇə·min·ḥā·ṯî — 1 Occ.
wə·ḵam·min·ḥāh — 1 Occ.
wə·ham·min·ḥāh — 2 Occ.

Genesis 4:3
HEB: מִפְּרִ֧י הָֽאֲדָמָ֛ה מִנְחָ֖ה לַֽיהוָֽה׃
NAS: brought an offering to the LORD
KJV: of the ground an offering unto the LORD.
INT: of the fruit of the ground an offering to the LORD

Genesis 4:4
HEB: הֶ֖בֶל וְאֶל־ מִנְחָתֽוֹ׃
NAS: for Abel and for his offering;
KJV: unto Abel and to his offering:
INT: Abel and his offering

Genesis 4:5
HEB: קַ֥יִן וְאֶל־ מִנְחָת֖וֹ לֹ֣א שָׁעָ֑ה
NAS: but for Cain and for his offering He had
KJV: But unto Cain and to his offering he had not respect.
INT: Cain and his offering no had

Genesis 32:13
HEB: הַבָּ֧א בְיָד֛וֹ מִנְחָ֖ה לְעֵשָׂ֥ו אָחִֽיו׃
NAS: from what he had with him a present for his brother
KJV: to his hand a present for Esau
INT: had to his hand A present Esau his brother

Genesis 32:18
HEB: לְעַבְדְּךָ֣ לְיַעֲקֹ֔ב מִנְחָ֥ה הִוא֙ שְׁלוּחָ֔ה
NAS: Jacob; it is a present sent
KJV: Jacob's; it [is] a present sent
INT: to your servant Jacob present he sent

Genesis 32:20
HEB: אֲכַפְּרָ֣ה פָנָ֗יו בַּמִּנְחָה֙ הַהֹלֶ֣כֶת לְפָנָ֔י
NAS: I will appease him with the present that goes
KJV: him with the present that goeth
INT: will appease before the present goes his face

Genesis 32:21
HEB: וַתַּעֲבֹ֥ר הַמִּנְחָ֖ה עַל־ פָּנָ֑יו
NAS: So the present passed on before
KJV: So went the present over before him:
INT: passed the present before him

Genesis 33:10
HEB: בְּעֵינֶ֔יךָ וְלָקַחְתָּ֥ מִנְחָתִ֖י מִיָּדִ֑י כִּ֣י
NAS: then take my present from my hand,
KJV: then receive my present at my hand:
INT: your sight take my present my hand for

Genesis 43:11
HEB: וְהוֹרִ֥ידוּ לָאִ֖ישׁ מִנְחָ֑ה מְעַ֤ט צֳרִי֙
NAS: to the man as a present, a little
KJV: the man a present, a little
INT: and carry as A present A little balm

Genesis 43:15
HEB: הָֽאֲנָשִׁים֙ אֶת־ הַמִּנְחָ֣ה הַזֹּ֔את וּמִשְׁנֶה־
NAS: this present, and they took
KJV: that present, and they took
INT: took the men present that double

Genesis 43:25
HEB: וַיָּכִ֙ינוּ֙ אֶת־ הַמִּנְחָ֔ה עַד־ בּ֥וֹא
NAS: So they prepared the present for Joseph's
KJV: And they made ready the present against
INT: prepared the present against coming

Genesis 43:26
HEB: ל֛וֹ אֶת־ הַמִּנְחָ֥ה אֲשֶׁר־ בְּיָדָ֖ם
NAS: into the house to him the present which
KJV: they brought him the present which [was] in their hand
INT: home brought the present which their hand

Exodus 29:41
HEB: בֵּ֣ין הָעַרְבָּ֑יִם כְּמִנְחַ֨ת הַבֹּ֤קֶר וּכְנִסְכָּהּ֙
NAS: and shall offer with it the same grain offering and the same drink offering
KJV: and shalt do thereto according to the meat offering of the morning,
INT: at twilight offering the morning drink

Exodus 30:9
HEB: זָרָ֖ה וְעֹלָ֣ה וּמִנְחָ֑ה וְנֵ֕סֶךְ לֹ֥א
NAS: on this altar, or burnt offering or meal offering; and you shall not pour
KJV: thereon, nor burnt sacrifice, nor meat offering; neither shall ye pour
INT: strange burnt meal A drink shall not

Exodus 40:29
HEB: הָעֹלָה֙ וְאֶת־ הַמִּנְחָ֔ה כַּאֲשֶׁ֛ר צִוָּ֥ה
NAS: on it the burnt offering and the meal offering, just
KJV: upon it the burnt offering and the meat offering; as the LORD
INT: and offering and the meal after had commanded

Leviticus 2:1
HEB: תַקְרִ֞יב קָרְבַּ֤ן מִנְחָה֙ לַֽיהוָ֔ה סֹ֖לֶת
NAS: presents a grain offering as an offering
KJV: will offer a meat offering
INT: presents an offering offering to the LORD fine

Leviticus 2:3
HEB: וְהַנּוֹתֶ֙רֶת֙ מִן־ הַמִּנְחָ֔ה לְאַהֲרֹ֖ן וּלְבָנָ֑יו
NAS: The remainder of the grain offering belongs to Aaron
KJV: And the remnant of the meat offering [shall be] Aaron's
INT: the remainder of the grain offering to Aaron and his sons

Leviticus 2:4
HEB: תַקְרִ֛ב קָרְבַּ֥ן מִנְחָ֖ה מַאֲפֵ֣ה תַנּ֑וּר
NAS: an offering of a grain offering baked
KJV: an oblation of a meat offering baken
INT: bring an offering offering baked an oven

Leviticus 2:5
HEB: וְאִם־ מִנְחָ֥ה עַל־ הַֽמַּחֲבַ֖ת
NAS: your offering is a grain offering [made] on the griddle,
KJV: And if thy oblation [be] a meat offering [baken] in a pan,
INT: If offering on the griddle

Leviticus 2:6
HEB: עָלֶ֖יהָ שָׁ֑מֶן מִנְחָ֖ה הִֽוא׃ ס
NAS: oil on it; it is a grain offering.
KJV: oil thereon: it [is] a meat offering.
INT: and oil offering he

Leviticus 2:7
HEB: וְאִם־ מִנְחַ֥ת מַרְחֶ֖שֶׁת קָרְבָּנֶ֑ךָ
NAS: your offering is a grain offering [made] in a pan,
KJV: And if thy oblation [be] a meat offering [baken] in the fryingpan,
INT: now if offering A pan your offering

Leviticus 2:8
HEB: וְהֵבֵאתָ֣ אֶת־ הַמִּנְחָ֗ה אֲשֶׁ֧ר יֵעָשֶׂ֛ה
NAS: When you bring in the grain offering which
KJV: And thou shalt bring the meat offering that is made
INT: bring offering which is made

Leviticus 2:9
HEB: הַכֹּהֵ֤ן מִן־ הַמִּנְחָה֙ אֶת־ אַזְכָּ֣רָתָ֔הּ
NAS: then shall take up from the grain offering its memorial portion,
KJV: shall take from the meat offering a memorial
INT: the priest at offering memorial and shall offer

Leviticus 2:10
HEB: וְהַנּוֹתֶ֙רֶת֙ מִן־ הַמִּנְחָ֔ה לְאַהֲרֹ֖ן וּלְבָנָ֑יו
NAS: The remainder of the grain offering belongs to Aaron
KJV: And that which is left of the meat offering [shall be] Aaron's
INT: the remainder of the grain offering to Aaron and his sons

Leviticus 2:11
HEB: כָּל־ הַמִּנְחָ֗ה אֲשֶׁ֤ר תַּקְרִ֙יבוּ֙
NAS: No grain offering, which you bring
KJV: No meat offering, which ye shall bring
INT: any offering which bring

211 Occurrences

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